Christmas City


For the Rose family, celebrating Christmas with lights is a tradition dating back to when, our founding Pastors, Rev. Carlton and Jane Rose decorated their yard in 1982. Over the next few years on the Rose of Sharon Church and Church Camp, INC., a drive-through experience to present the “true meaning of Christmas in a half-mile of lights” was birthed. The message was clear and simple; remind everyone of the love, joy, peace, and goodwill represented in Christmas available when you understand Jesus Christ is the source and the true meaning of the season.

Celebrating Christmas is celebrating Jesus Christ and His entrance into this world all those years ago! This year we will celebrate His birth, but we will not celebrate with this tradition of coming together for Christmas City. We regret to announce Christmas City will be closed during the 2020 Christmas holiday season due to the financial repercussions resulting from the outbreak of Covid-19.  

Even though “the true meaning of Christmas in a half-mile of lights” will not be lit this year, the message of hope, joy, peace, love, and goodwill still burns bright in us all who have a personal relationship with Jesus. As we would remind you in years past before you disembark from the Ole Express 71, “ hold your family close and remember to keep Christ in Christmas because He is the reason for the season!”

– The Rose Family

The outpouring of appreciation for what Christmas City means to you and your family has been overwhelming for us.  The offers to help with forming a Go Fund Me page have been incredibly humbling as well.  Unfortunately, the offers to assist in the funding will not allow for the 2020 Christmas season because Christmas City takes months of planning and work to construct, and there is not near enough time for us to accomplish this task. For those who do not know, Christmas City is located on Rose of Sharon Church Camp, Inc.  Every year Christmas City is taken down and stored away to be built the next fall again so the grounds can host church retreats, conferences, and youth camps throughout the rest of the year.  Please know that we appreciate the offers of help but know that Christmas City does not have an official GoFundMe page, nor do we want to start one at this time, so beware!  All donations, should you wish to give, can be made here on our website (which is under construction) in the coming months.

Thank you again for all your support!